Gjensidige Forsikring ASA is the parent company of the Gjensidige Group, and its head office is in Oslo, Norway. The Company has general insurance operations in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Baltic states, in addition to pension operations in Norway. 

The general insurance operations include both property insurance and accident and health insurance. The Norwegian general insuran ce operations also include life insurance, which is pure risk insurance with a duration of up to one year, largely group life insurance. 

Operations outside Norway primarily take place through branches.In the Baltics, we have a subsidiary in Lithuania with branches in Estonia and Latvia.

The information on this page is valid as at 31.12.2022


The Group had a total of 4.428 employees at the end of the year 2022. 

Market shares

Market shares are calculated and published by national trade organisations. Below you will find links to the web pages where the market shares are published.

Finance Norway
The Central Union of Marine Underwriters (CEFOR)

The Swedish Insurance Federation

The Danish Insurance Association   

Financial and Capital Market Commission
Latvian Insurers Association

Insurance Supervisory Commission

Financial Supervision Authority


Gjensidige is listed at Oslo Stock Exchange. At year-end 2022 Gjensidige had approximately 38,000 shareholders. The 20 biggest owners represented a total of 84 per cent of the shares in the Company.

The Gjensidige Foundation is our largest owner with an owner share at 62.2 per cent. The Gjensidige Foundation has laid down in its statutes that its ownership interest in Gjensidige shall amount to at least 60 per cent, which shall contribute to predictability and stable ownership.

20 largest shareholders registered in the register of shareholders in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (VPS).

The role of the Gjensidige Foundation

A mutual insurance company is owned by the customers. When Gjensidige was transformed to an public limited liability company in june 2010, the customers ownership was continued by the Gjensidige Foundation.  The general insurance customers in Gjensidige elects and is eligible to the general meeting and to the Board of the Gjensidige Foundation.

Purpose and operations ( from the Gjensidige Foundations Articles of Associaton)

1. The Foundation is a financial foundation and shall carry out the tasks required of it under law and the statutes at all times.
2. As the biggest shareholder in Gjensidige Forsikring ASA (hereinafter Gjensidige), the Foundation will exercise long-term ownership and assure customer representation in the Company. Ownership will be exercised in accordance with generally accepted corporate governance principles, and within the limits and guidelines adopted by the General Meeting. Its ownership interest shall amount to at least 60 per cent of the shares issued in Gjensidige.
3. Through its donations, the Foundation will promote safety and health and other activities for the public benefit in accordance with the Foundation’s core values, “Preventive – Developing – Activity-creating – Society building”.
4. The Foundation will distribute ordinary dividend to those who hold shares in Gjensidige as the general insurance company’s customers who live or work in Norway (hereinafter referred to as customers) for insurance taken out under the Gjensidige brand. The dividend is divided between the customers pursuant to the rules adopted by the Foundation’s General Meeting.
5. The Foundation will endeavour to achieve a market return on its equity.

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