Our sponsorship activities

Gjensidige is a proud sponsor of sports and through our cooperation agreements, we want to highlight the pleasure and many positive aspects of doing sports. By doing so, we hope to motivate people to be physically active.

We sponsor both elite and recreational sport, and work with organisations that have a good reputation and the same values as we have.

Sponsorship is important to Gjensidige because it also has a valuable marketing effect and builds positive associations with the company, in addition to strengthening the internal culture and generating pride among our staff.

The Norwegian Handball Federation



Gjensidige sponsors the Norwegian Handball Federation, and we have been the main sponsor of the women’s handball team (‘Håndballjentene’) since 1991. We are also the title sponsor of the men's handball team’s (‘Håndballgutta’) annual international tournament, the Gjensidige Cup. Both teams are very popular among Norwegians, and we are proud to be associated with them.

Handball is Norway's second biggest team sport after football. The Norwegian Handball Federation has 135,000 members and 800 member clubs. In accordance with the sponsorship agreement, a part of the funding is earmarked for injury prevention work carried out by NHF.

The Norwegian Athletics Association



Gjensidige is the main sponsor of the Norwegian Athletics Association, which is one of the country’s biggest sports associations with more than 76,000 members in 850 clubs. Together with the Norwegian Athletics Association, we want to improve people's physical health by providing great experiences linked to physical activity. The sponsorship will therefore focus on activities and projects that will motivate people of all ages to be physically active. We have for instance developed the app ‘Plogger’. The app is intended to be a health-promoting measure, but also contributes to keeping Norway tidy as it combines picking up rubbish with exercising. During Oslo Marathon 2018, we arranged – together with the organiser – our own ‘plogger’ run of 10 kilometres for both adults and children.

Some of the sponsorship funding to the Norwegian Athletics Association is earmarked for injury prevention measures, for instance teaching injury prevention exercise as part of the coach education programme and courses organised by the Norwegian Athletics Association and athletics clubs.