Gjensidige is following up human and labour rights by, among other things:  

  • Continuously conducting due diligence assessments of potentially negative consequences of on human and labour rights related to our operations and value chain, in addition to the implementation of preventive and mitigating measures.  

  • Clearly communicating our objectives and measures related to human and labour rights, in addition to further develop these in line with the general, societal development.  

  • Base our decisions concerning human and labour rights on professional knowledge and thorough assessments.  

  • Through our policy documents ensure a common approach and principles to human and labour rights, encompassing the whole group and value chain: Policy library - Gjensidige 

We are respecting the human rights

Gjensidige recognizes that all human beings have fundamental rights and freedom – independent of nationality, gender, religion, ethnicity or other conditions. Fundamental rights and freedoms include civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights, in addition to the rights of minorities, women and vulnerable groups – including children and indigenous people.   

How Gjensidige protects/defends human rights

Gjensidige has incorporated both the UN Convention on human rights and fundamental ILO standards of human and labour rights by our policy documents. In addition to this, Gjensidige has signed the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance (UN PSI), as well as the UN Principles for Responsible Investments (UN PRI). The purpose of both UN PSI and UN PRI is to ensure that sustainability, including human rights, is integrated in our daily operations – both related to insurance and our investments.   

Human and labour rights constitute an integrated part of the governance and control system of Gjensidige. This commits the whole group and all our employees – across all units and geographies.   

See in particular our Group policy for sustainability and our Ethical rules – in our Policy library. 

When any breach of human and labour rights is suspected, a notification can be forwarded through our Notification channel 

Customers, suppliers and business partners

Gjensidige sets clear requirements to our customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders. Gjensidige requires full compliance with the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles, including compliance with human rights.  For a further description of our approach to procurement, please see Group policy for procurement in our Policy library, as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct

By our measures for responsible procurement, risk assessments are conducted – related to our value chains, our business partners and our distributors. In this way we obtain information that can improve our prevention and mitigation of negative impacts on human and labour rights.  


Pertaining to our investments and asset management Gjensidige aims at contributing broadly to the compliance with human rights through responsible investments, as a follow-up of our commitment to the UN PRI. For more information please see our Policy for responsible investments, in our Policy library


For Gjensidige as an employer human and labour rights constitutes a clear fundament. The HR department of Gjensidige can carry out measures across all units in order to ensure the compliance with human and labour rights. All employees receive instruction in the group’s ethical guidelines, including human and labour rights, and must confirm their compliance with these.  

For more details concerning Gjensidiges’s approach to inclusion and diversity, please see our Statement on equality, in our Integrated Annual report.


In 2023 Gjensidige will prepare a report in accordance with the requirements of the Norwegian Transparency Act. This report will be published on our web site.  

Gjensidige continuously follows up the requirements vis-à-vis our suppliers each quarter, and when cases of non-compliance are identified we demand a rectification. If the case is serious but not rectified, this can entail a termination of the contract.   

For further questions related to our governance and our practice pertaining to the requirements set by the Transparency Act, please contact apenhet@gjensidige.no 


For questions related to our management system and our practice in accordance with the requirements of the Transparency Act, use the link in the box below.