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Values we are creating

Sustainability is about understanding how to take care of people in a time of new challenges as a result of climate and environmental change. Gjensidige is committed to our social responsibility and our work with diversity and social inclusion in its own operations. We also ensure that our customers, partners, suppliers and companies we invest in comply with sustainability requirements.

Gjensidige's mission is to safeguard life, health and assets

We think holistically to use our knowledge and insight to help customers and society at large avoid injuries. In this way, we will contribute to a safer society. We make a difference by working to reduce the climate footprint related to material consumption in claims settlement and take social responsibility by setting requirements for our suppliers. We also make a difference by investing in the companies that make a positive contribution to the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C target, and ensure that the companies also comply with the UN's 10 global principles on human and labour rights, the environmental principle and anti-corruption. Gjensidige will lead the way, and we will create security in ever new ways. Therefore, we have chosen to highlight some examples of what we are proud of.

Values we are creating for our employees

To achieve our ambitions, we depend on attracting, retaining and developing motivated and committed employees. We have a flat organisational structure, and are committed to facilitating good and stimulating cooperation throughout the organisation. This is how we create a culture for learning and become an attractive workplace.


Values we are creating for our employees

Gjensidige will lead the way, and we will create security in ever new ways. Sustainability is central to this, and here are some examples of what we do: