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Using cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer, mobile phone or tablet. They contain information about what pages you visit on

Cookies allow us to see how you use, so that we can continuously improve the websites for easier and better use.

Who can see the information?

We use the information internally in our organisation. In addition, we have agreements with companies that make web statistics for our company. We ensure that the personal data you provide us are not exploited, as regulated by the Personal Data Act. This applies to all data that are registered during your visit, like information about how you use our website, or information you give us through filling out forms.

Our cookies cannot distribute malware or harm your computer in any way.

Systems that set cookies


Our website need these cookies to function properly. They are always activated and, for example, ensure that our online store and online services work and are safe to use.

  • Telia Chat delivers our chat functionality and measures how you use our chat service on
  • Some of our pages contain videos delivered by YouTube. When you open these, YouTube stores cookies in your browser.
  • Mynewsdesk is our press release tool. It stores cookies in your browser if you visit our press pages (pages in Norwegian).


These cookies help us understand how our website is used so that we can improve the experience and functionality of our website. For example, we can use statistics to see how many people visit our various websites.

We use several tools to measure how well our website work in order to improve it:

  • Norstatpanelet is used to validate which audiences has been exposed in digital campaigns.
  • Formisimo is a tool that measures the use of online forms, and is used some places.
  • Google Analytics is a tool for digital analysis that measures traffic and behaviour on our website.
  • Google Optimize is a tool for testing and personalization to create better websites by running experiments with different versions of the same solution simultaneously.
  • Hotjar is a tool for analysing behaviour on a website and collect feedback from users.
  • Task Analytics asks some visitors questions about how they experience the website, and whether they were able to complete their tasks.
  • Siteimprove is a tool for analysing content, measure traffic and behaviour on our website.

User behavior and relevant content

These cookies are used to collect data at the individual level on how you use our websites. We can use the data to, among other things, improve our solutions, provide you with customized content on the website and more relevant marketing in other communication channels such as e-mail if you are our costumer.

We use Celebrus to keep track of user behavior and to provide you with more relevant content.

  • Celebrus is a tool for personalizing content to create better user experiences.


Using third party cookies, you could receive marketing messages from us, based on content and pages you have visited on our website. These cookies only contain aggregated information, and no data that can identify you.

Doubleclick uses cookies to measure the effect of advertisements in order to present more relevant advertising. does not register any personal data on the website, as all data are anonymised.

Google Ads


To show more relevant advertisements, we use measurements from Facebook, which uses cookies on our website. In addition, we use the advertising tools Custom Audience and Facebook Pixel in Facebook’s advertising system.

If you wish, you may change the settings on your Facebook profile so that you do not receive advertisements based on your app or website visits. You can do so by following this recipe. The setting will apply to all advertisements, not just advertisements from Gjensidige.

You can delete cookies

You can change your cookie settings at any time.

Change cookie settings

You can also delete cookies from your browser menu. They will be restored the next time you visit the website, unless you change your browser settings to decline cookies restoring.