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Policy library

Gjensidige has a number of policy documents to ensure that our business complies with rules and regulations, international conventions, and our strategies. Documents that may have public interest are published here. We have also chosen to display instructions and policies that we for various reasons have not made publicly available.

PolicyESGMaterial topics
Group policy for sustainabilityEnvironmental

Limiting GHG emissions
Climate change adaptation
Food security
Mental and physical health

Salary and Compensation Policy (not public)SocialSkills and diversity
Employee Handbook (not public)SocialSkills and diversity
Leadership Handbook (not public)SocialSkills and diversity
HMS handbook (not public)SocialSkills and diversity
Mental and physical health
Diversity Instruction (not public)SocialSkills and diversity
Social inclusion
Handling of Employee Personal Information (not public)SocialCybersecurity
Group Policy for Responsible InvestmentsGovernanceResponsible Investments
Instructions for Exercise of Ownership RightsGovernanceResponsible Investments
Instructions for ExclusionsGovernanceResponsible Investments
Articles of Association of Gjensidige Forsikring ASAGovernance 
Account of corporate governanceGovernance 
Rules of procedure for the BoardGovernance 
Rules of procedure for the nomination committeeGovernance 
The Board of Directors’ guidelines for stipulating the remuneration of executive personnelGovernance 
Corporate policy for financial and other investor information (IR policy)Governance 
Ethical rules (Code of Conduct)GovernanceHuman and labour rights
Skills and diversity
Data protectionGovernanceCybersecurity
Notification channelGovernance 
Anti corruption manualGovernance 
Board policy for Anti-Money Laundering (not public)Governance 
Tax policyGovernance 
Group Procurement Policy (engelsk)GovernanceHuman and labour rights
Suppliers Code of ConductGovernanceHuman and labour rights
Underwriting policy (not public)Governance 
Product Approval Instruction (not public)GovernanceFinancial security
Corporate Governance - Subsidiaries (not public)Governance 
Complaints Handling policyGovernanceCustomer satisfaction
Our risk management systemGovernance