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Our commitment to the community

It is important for us to give something back to society and help make it better and more inclusive.

Through local involvement and sponsorship, we and our employees contribute to a better society and support people who need help.

Over a five-year period, we will provide NOK 25 million for preventive work for mental health for young people.

Kirkens bymisjon:
We make financial contributions to Kirkens bymisjon's work to create a better and safer local environment, and participate in activities that create engagement among our employees.

Ungt Entreprenørskap (Young Entrepreneurship) and MOT:
Through this collaboration, we contribute to the development of tools and models to strengthen mental health efforts in different parts of the education system, from primary and lower secondary schools to the education of teachers and nurses. We have helped to introduce children and young people in school, handball and athletics to the tools of MOT to contribute to more resilient young people. We have also supported the development of MOT's programme "SUPER!", which is particularly about inclusion in primary school. In this way, we contribute to giving approximately 200,000 children our tools to help them manage their mental health.

Kreftforeningen (The Norwegian Cancer Society):
We have a main partner agreement with the Norwegian Cancer Society that gives us the opportunity to develop services together. Examples are services that help prevent cancer, or that can ease the situation for those affected and their relatives.

We partner with sports to strengthen general health:
Gjensidige is a proud sports sponsor, and through our cooperation agreements we wish to highlight the joy and many positive aspects of playing sports. In this way, we hope to motivate more people to be physically active. We sponsor both elite and recreational sports and work with sponsors who have a good reputation and coinciding values with us. The sponsorship agreements establish projects with different goals. These must be socially beneficial, health-promoting or create activity and recruitment among young people. For Gjensidige, sponsorship is also important because it ensures valuable profiling and creates positive associations with our business, in addition to building an internal culture and pride among our employees.

Gjensidige's social commitment in Norway must be seen in the context of Gjensidigestiftelsen, a financial foundation that is our major shareholder. The foundation operates extensive distributions for safety and health promotion purposes, which are financed by returns from capital released in connection with the listing of Gjensidige Forsikring in 2010. Gjensidigestiftelsen is Norway's largest financial foundation, and has two main tasks. One is to distribute support for socially beneficial causes, and the other is to be the largest shareholder in Gjensidige Forsikring ASA.

Taxes and fees

Gjensidige is committed to corporate social responsibility and contributing to society and contributing to the financing of the welfare state in the countries in which we operate. An important part of this is to comply with all tax obligations responsibly. In accordance with Gjensidige's Group Tax Policy, we must pay the correct tax in the correct country. This means that, as far as possible, we must pay taxes where value is created. In 2022, we have paid NOK 5.1 billion in taxes and fees in the countries in which we operate.

Communities: Taxes per country and total

Paid taxes in totalNOK Million798118519331789IA
NorwayNOK Million721108717001735IA
DenmarkNOK Million7510122751IA
SwedenNOK Million153-IA
BalticsNOK Million2333IA
Paid fees in total*NOK Million50653624753346IA
NorwayNOK Million31832322612526IA
DenmarkNOK Million124144144541IA
SwedenNOK Million535757102IA
BalticsNOK Million121313164IA
FinlandNOK Million   13IA
*Taxes paid in 2022 include estimates of VAT paid on procurements related to operations and compensation, employer's National Insurance contributions, finance tax and corresponding taxes in each country. Insurance is exempt from VAT and the tax is thus a final cost.

Transactions between Group companies shall be in accordance with the arm's length principle as defined in the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Financial Transactions. Read more in our 2022 annual report under Note 9.