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We support diversity

With us you will find people with a wide range of knowledge, skills, personalities, competencies and experiences. We have different ages, genders, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, political views, religious beliefs and functional abilities. We use these inequalities as a source of development and innovation.

Creating a sense of security. Applying new thinking. Going for it.

As an employee with us, you will experience security for being who you are, and through this contribute to us delivering our three core values.

We work to ensure that both managers and employees understand the value of diversity, and that leaders should lead in a way that unlocks the potential of what makes us different. In this way, our diversity helps strengthen our ability to develop and deliver the services and products that our customers need.

We employ engineers, analysts, nurses, sociologists, lawyers, economists, journalists and political scientists. We also need asset managers, customer service representatives, idea makers, UX designers, analysts, problem solvers, number crunchers, developers, leadership talent, communication experts – and much more.

We aim to have an inclusive corporate culture where all employees experience being treated with respect and equality. Everyone is also given the opportunity to develop in their job.

We are committed to preventing discrimination and contributing to equality regardless of gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender characteristics and gender expression or ethnicity, religion and belief. This entails a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment and discrimination. We want to develop an organisation that facilitates that diversity characterises everything we do and contributes with new ideas and perspectives in the work for a more sustainable society.

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Our work with human and employee rights

Gjensidige does not accept violations of human and employee rights, either in our own operations or among suppliers.