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Our compliance with the Transparency Act

Gjensidige does not accept violations of human and labour rights, neither in our own operations nor among suppliers. We have a management and control system designed to identify unacceptable incidents, and clear rules on the consequences of breaches.

What is the Transparency Act?

The Transparency Act means that businesses must be more open and transparent about how they affect the world.

Gjensidige follows up human and labour rights by, among other things:

  • Conducting due diligence assessments of possible negative consequences for human and labour rights from our operations and value chain, as well as to implement preventive and remedial measures.
  • Be clear in our communication of goals and measures for human and labour rights, and further develop these in line with societal developments.
  • Base decisions concerning human and labour rights on professional knowledge and thorough investigations.
  • Through governing documents, lay down common approaches and principles on human and labour rights that apply to the entire Group and our value chain: Governing documents

We respect human rights

Gjensidige recognizes that all people have fundamental rights and freedoms – regardless of nationality, gender, religion, ethnicity or otherwise. Fundamental rights and freedoms include civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights, as well as the rights of minorities, women and vulnerable groups – including children and indigenous peoples.

How do Gjensidige safeguard human rights

Gjensidige has incorporated both the UN Convention on Human Rights and fundamental standards for human and labour rights related to the ILO into our governing documents. In addition, Gjensidige has signed the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance (UN PSI), as well as the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). The objective of UN PSI and UN PRI is to ensure that sustainability, including human rights, is integrated into daily operations related to both our insurance business and our investments.

Human and labour rights are an integral part of Gjensidige's management and control system. This commits the entire Group and all employees – across all units and geographies.

See in particular our corporate sustainability policy and our ethical guidelines, which are contained in our Policy library.

If violations of human and labour rights are suspected, reports can be made through the whistleblowing channel MittVarsel.

Customers, suppliers and business partners Gjensidige sets clear requirements for our customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders. Gjensidige sets requirements for compliance with the UN's 10 Global Compact principles, including compliance with human rights. See also further discussion in our Group Procurement Policy, which is contained in governing documents and the Supplier Code of Conduct

Through our responsible sourcing measures, risk assessments of our value chains, our business partners and distributors are carried out. Through this, we gain insights that enable us to better prevent and mitigate conditions that can have a negative impact on human and labour rights.

Investments For our investments and asset management, Gjensidige seeks to contribute broadly to safeguarding human rights through responsible investments, as a follow-up of our commitment to UN PRI. For further information, see our policy for responsible investment, which is contained in governing documents.

Employees For Gjensidige as an employer, human and employee rights constitute a clear foundation. Gjensidige's HR department can implement measures across all units to ensure that rights are safeguarded. All Gjensidige employees receive training in the Group's ethical guidelines, including human and labour rights, and must ensure that they comply with these.

For further details on Gjensidige's approach to inclusion and diversity, see our annual report.


Do you have any questions?

For questions regarding our management system and practice in accordance with the requirements of the Transparency Act, send us an e-mail.

Statements regarding the Transparency Act for the companies in the group that are subject to the requirements are available here:

  1. GF ASA is available as Appendix 4 to the 2023 Annual report on page 350-353
  2. Gjensidige Pensjonsforsikring AS
  3. Gjensidige Mobility Group AS
  4. Redgo Norway AS
  5. Flyt AS

Gjensidige follows up the requirements for suppliers quarterly, and if non-compliance is revealed, the situation will be required to be rectified. If the situation is serious and is not rectified, it may lead to termination of the agreement.