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Why work at Gjensidige?

With us, you get to develop yourself and at the same time play an important role for the company, for our customers and the society.

If you join us, you will have around 4,000 colleagues based in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltics. We are lawyers, journalists, sociologists, nurses, forensic scientists, developers, designers and engineers, to name a few. We embrace differences in the knowledge that it makes us better, wiser and stronger. In Norway, you can also work in pension and savings - as well as insurance.

We are more than just a workplace. It is just as important to have an employer who understand your needs as it is to have a workplace that provides unique challenges. With us, there is space for professional growth during work hours and personal fulfillment beyond the workplace.

Some of the benefits you receive as a Gjensidige employee

Our core values

We have three core values that describe our company culture. These will guide us in the right direction for large and small tasks and when we make decisions.

Creating a sense of security A sense of security is created by showing trust, openness, and listening to, seeing and supporting each other. Security creates space to challenge and it takes us further. A secure setting gives us courage.

Applying new thinking New thinking is about being inquisitive and being willing to do things better, be they big or small. Share your own thoughts and ideas and actively engage in those of others. New ideas lead to learning, create dynamics, challene us and take us one step further

Going for it Dare to go for it. Demonstrate determination and finish in style. Go for it! That’s how we face the future head-on.  

  • Good pension schemes
  • Discount on private insurance
  • Good insurance schemes
  • Access to Gjensidige's share saving programme
  • Access to company cabins in Norway and Spain
  • Collective bonus
  • Access to or discount on exercise
  • Discount agreements
  • Good leave and sick leave schemes
  • The Gjensidige School and other development opportunities
  • Social activities 

Mobility and rotation

At Gjensidige, we encourge our employees to build their careers by moving across the organisation. There is a big difference between our departments, and when you try different disciplines and roles, it provides great benefits – both for the employee and for the company.

Our employees are given the opportunity to create an exciting and unique career path for themselves. They improve their understanding of the business as a result – which in turn ensures that we as a company become better and deliver better results.  That is why we always encourage internal applications in our vacancies.

Opportunity to make a difference in people's lives

Some of our most important roles involve meeting people – either face-to-face or on the phone. By working in a local office, sales centre, customer service centre or claims centre with us, you get the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. Both for those who just need good advice on insurance and for those who have experienced something difficult and need help quickly.

Since this field is so important to us, we also put a lot of resources into continuous development of those who work with this. The fact that we arrange regular training on different realistic situations is essential both for the company and for the individual to succeed in the job.

The Gjensidige School

There are on average 1200 employees attending courses in our school during the course of a year

It is important for both you and us that you have the opportunity to develop and learn in your job. That is why the Gjensidige School was born. As a new employee, you get the knowledge you need to get started and later in your career you can take relevant courses to further your development. In this way, we ensure that our employees develop in line with market demands and company needs.

If you want an insight into the Gjensidige School, follow #Gjensidigeskolen on LinkedIn.