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This is what we are produd of

Gjensidige will lead the way, and we will create security in ever new ways. Sustainability is central to this, and here are some examples of what we do that we are proud of.

Safer society

  • Continuous updating of loss prevention measures on as well as a personal inspection of our largest customers to understand risk and provide concrete advice on risk mitigation measures
  • First insurer in Europe to launch an EU taxonomy-aligned product in 2022
  • First insurer in Norway with climate projections and risk of weather events, particularly related to more precipitation, which are integrated into pricing
  • Sharing data and collaborating with public authorities and research institutions on climate change adaptation measures
  • Access to a psychologist integrated into a wide range of our personal insurances. Cooperation with organizations to strengthen mental health among children and adolescents

Sustainable Claims Settlement

  • First insurance company in Europe to produce a climate account for claims processes (2019)
  • Reduced GHG emissions from claims processes by 23 % and aims to cut emissions in line with the Paris Agreement (2022 compared to 2019)
  • 94 percent of our suppliers have confirmed that they comply with the UN's 10 Global Compact principles
  • First insurer in Norway to rebuild housing after total damage with the Swan ecolabel
  • First insurer in Norway to increase the write-off threshold for cars from 60 % to 80 %

Responsible investments

  • Developed a framework for follow-up of the net zero emission target for better management of our investment portfolio 
  • Launched more sustainable pension profiles under the name "Green Future"
  • 99% of our external managers have signed the UN PRI
  • Quarterly ESG screening of our investment portfolio to ensure investment policy compliance

Our own operations

  • We have reduced greenhouse gas emissions related to our own operations by 85% (scope 1 and 2, 2022 compared to 2019)
  • Our employees show very high engagement score, among top 10 in finance, Peakon Europe (2022) 
  • Our employees experience a high degree of equal opportunity in the Group, among the top 10 in finance, Peakon Europe (2022)
  • Established graduate program to attract critical expertise
  • Own school to build competence for our employees, especially for employees working with customers and analysis